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(Contact person: Alexander Neu)

  • IT AUDIT GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft (www.it-audit.com) specialises in auditing IT systems and IT-based controls within business processes. In addition, we focus on audit-related services in conjunction with risk and process-oriented analysis and the design and implementation of IT systems and IT-based controls within business processes.
  • IT AUDIT operates nationally and is oriented towards the requirements of medium-sized companies. In additional to auditors and medium-sized auditing companies, our client base includes medium-sized companies from all industries as well as credit institutions and public institutions.
  • We provide audit support to auditors and auditing companies. This includes support when auditing annual accounts, in particular, when establishing and auditing an internal control and monitoring system (ICS in accordance with IDW PS 260 or, if outsourced, in accordance with IDW PS 951) and when auditing IT systems (in accordance with IDW PS 330, RS FAIT 1, RS FAIT 2 and/or RS FAIT 3 (IDW PS = German Institute of Public Auditors auditing standard, RS FAIT = statement on accounting by the Technical Committee for Information Technology in the IDW). These occur as downstream and in-project audits in accordance with IDW PS 850, that is, either subsequent or parallel to the implementation or development of IT systems or software.
  • IT AUDIT uses only experienced IT professionals (auditors and certified information systems auditors (CISA)) and cooperates nationally with other colleagues from auditing and CISA networks.

Other fields of activity in brief:

  • Audit of the compliance and security of IT systems
  • Assessment and testing of data migration and release changes, implementation of ERP risk checks (brief analysis of selected risk areas associated with standard software systems)
  • Compliance with statutory requirements when using archiving and data management systems (DMS)
  • Certification (for example, software certification in accordance with IDW PS 880)
  • Certification of call centres, service providers or electronic billing processes
  • Valuation of IT systems (including software) as an isolated intangible asset or as part of a "whole business" valuation

Audit-related services:

  • Examination of the IT area during due diligence audits
  • Assistance when outsourcing and co-sourcing an internal audit as well as organisational support when developing an IT audit
  • Support for questions concerning IT risk management, IT organisations, IT security services and IT strategies

Contact person at IT AUDIT:

Alexander Neu (auditor, tax consultant)


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Fax: +49 (0) 22 04 / 9 50 81 10

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