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The need for internal audits is rising as a result of an ever-changing environment. All of the functions and tasks associated with internal audits are based on the need for proper corporate governance. In the context of the executive board's legal obligation to exercise the due diligence of a prudent managing director, there is a duty of corporate governance, which is put into concrete terms by implementing an internal audit.

In smaller companies, in particular, it is frequently not possible to retain, on a long-term basis, the expertise needed to conduct a successful internal audit. In the course of our work, our clients are given the opportunity to tap into the expertise of our staff (for a reasonable fee) or to outsource the entire internal audit to us. We work with our clients to develop an appropriate audit strategy and consult with them when setting up an internal audit.

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We support you during the implementation of an internal audit. The minimum level of auditing activities constitutes the legal obligation to implement internal auditing under the due diligence of a prudent managing director. The client's specific needs are also taken into consideration when developing an internal audit.

Implementation of an internal audit comprises, in particular, the following steps: 

  • Defining the rules of procedure for an audit 
  • Defining the audit strategy 
  • Developing a risk analysis procedure 
  • Formulating a conceptual design for audit planning 
  • Designing the organisational structure 
  • Defining the reporting standards

The audit strategy and audit plan are continuously adapted to an ever-changing environment. In the course of our work, we are available as a point of contact to the auditor of your annual accounts and we provide the internal audit as an audit object.

Quality control for internal auditing:

An efficient and effective internal audit can only be guaranteed if the auditing activities are subject to regular monitoring. Risk orientation is especially important here. We use our many years of experience in conducting analyses to show you potential areas for improvement. In turn, you receive reliable information about whether or not your internal audit conforms to the latest requirements.

We provide the majority of our auditing and tax consultancy services to clients in Bergisch Gladbach, Cologne, Leverkusen, Gummersbach, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Remscheid, Solingen, Wuppertal and neighbouring regions. However, we also operate throughout Germany. Our branch office is located in Berlin.


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