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Auditors, tax consultants: Due diligence audits (financial due diligence, tax due diligence)

Every business transaction is associated with a wide range of opportunities and risks. Here, a careful analysis and assessment of the company in question (due diligence) is especially important. Our approach to a due diligence audit involves a systematic strengths/weakness analysis of the object, an analysis of the risks associated with the purchase or initial public offering (IPO) and a thorough valuation of the object.

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Fields of activity:

In the context of due diligence, we systematically analyse a company in terms of its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. In particular, we analyse the economic, financial, tax, legal and organisational situation of the company. The search for deal-breakers (issues that, if unresolved, will cause a party to withdraw from a purchase) plays an important role here. In order to determine genuine and spurious synergies, potential areas for improvement and risks from operational areas, we analyse the entire company. Our analyses provide evidence of strengths and weaknesses for the potential buyer and include starting points for measures to be undertaken after concluding the transaction.

  • Financial due diligence

When analysing opportunities and risks within the financial environment, we analyse long-term achievable revenues, evaluate cash flows and balance sheets, and check the plausibility of the business plan. Owing to the particular significance of planning figures in relation to the enterprise value of the company, an analysis and assessment of the corporate plan furnished by the company lies at the heart of financial due diligence. Such plans must paint a consistent picture.

  • Tax due diligence

In the context of tax due diligence, we examine the current tax status of the company. In particular, our activities focus on the tax risks that may result from investments that are not yet effective. The findings can be used to optimise tax structuring in relation to the purchase of a company.

  • Legal due diligence

Legal due diligence involves the recording of internal and external legal relationships within the company. It supplements the analysis and findings of financial due diligence and tax due diligence. Legal due diligence focuses on identifying legal risks that may jeopardise projected company results and endanger the very existence of the company. Based on the information obtained, there may be a need for further action within the context of the transaction.

  • VDR preparation

When preparing for the sale of a company, we use our specialist knowledge to prepare documentation for the virtual data room (VDR) and we act as points of contact to interested parties during due diligence.

  • Individual support

We, in close cooperation with our clients, use a jointly developed strategy to analyse the company under assessment. We continuously work with our clients to meet their needs in both an efficient and purposeful manner. We offer our services to individual sections of a company and in order to analyse entire companies and groups of companies.

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