Crisis and restructuring consultancy

Better to restructure than to liquidate!

Insolvency rates are still alarmingly high even though a company crisis generally does not occur unannounced. They are a "natural part" of a company's life cycle. The manner in which a crisis is handled is crucial. The continued survival of a company depends largely on detecting the crisis as early as possible and implementing countermeasures in good time.

We guide companies back to success and assist them in finding strategies to prevent an imminent economic crisis from occurring in the first place. We also help indebted or insolvent companies to cope with the crisis and develop a solution to tackle such a crisis. To this end, we work within an interdisciplinary team that takes business, tax and legal frameworks into consideration. In this context, we also advise on issues relating to employment law and banking law. We would welcome the opportunity to bring about a positive change to your company. We can also assist with financing and refinancing contacts, without whom restructuring is often not possible. If necessary, we can prepare restructuring or insolvency plans that guide debtor companies on the path towards "proper insolvency".

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Fields of activity:

  • Advice on the restructuring and reorganisation of ailing companies
  • Advice in advance of an impending crisis
  • Preparation or auditing of an asset and insolvency status as well as liquidity plans
  • Clarification in relation to the obligations of management bodies within companies in terms of liability and filing for insolvency
  • Information about criminal responsibility in the context of insolvency
  • Employment law in relation to insolvency and restructuring


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Crisis and restructuring consultancy, insolvency