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Using our contact form to send an enquiry

You can use our contact form to send us an enquiry at any time. This service is free of charge. We will contact you as soon as possible (generally within a couple of hours). However, please accept that we cannot process anonymous enquiries because, just like you, we also want to know who we are corresponding with. Of course, you can also contact us by telephone.

Initial consultation (by telephone)

As part of our initial consultation (by telephone), you will have the opportunity to discuss your legal matter with a lawyer or tax consultant, to clarify urgent matters quickly or to obtain an initial assessment in relation to your prospects of success in the event that legal proceedings are initiated. 

The subject matter will determine the costs associated with the initial consultation (by telephone). Unless otherwise agreed, it will cost no more than €190.00 excluding VAT. Before we establish a client relationship, we will inform you of our fees and give you some time to think about our no-obligation quotation. The fees will apply only following your express agreement to enter into a client relationship. If you do not require our consultancy services, you will not incur any costs. 

For the initial consultation (by telephone), it is helpful to send us a brief description of your circumstances beforehand (either via the contact form or by fax). Upon receipt of this information, we will offer you an appointment for the initial consultation (by telephone) as soon as possible.



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