Architecture for successful companies

  • Through our consulting services, we advise our clients on the best possible tax, business and/or legal structure for their particular situation. This applies to both the corporate and private sector.
  • In KONLUS valuation, we ascertain the value of our client's assets (often acquired over a period of several years) or show, as part of our value-based consultancy, strategies for accumulating such operating assets. We also provide support in the event of the following: the purchase/sale of a company, valuations relating to asset transfers and private disputes (for example, gifts or divorce).
  • In the corporate sector, we advise on investment and financing decisions. In particular, we operate as "ratings consultants" in relation to Basel II. We assist clients in choosing alternative financing instruments such as leasing or the sale of receivables. Another main focus is drawing up business plans when forming a company, accepting new partners or raising new capital.
  • Furthermore, we advise partners and managing directors on the following: optimising the company organisation, remuneration of staff and company pension schemes.
  • In private asset consultancy, we primarily focus on pension security and safeguarding the future of our clients. If required, we prepare private financial plans, analyse asset structures or provide advice that focuses primarily on the tax and legal aspects associated with planned capital investments and asset succession.

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