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An ever-changing environment presents not only opportunities and potential for a company but also risks. Against this backdrop, companies must continuously realign not only their corporate strategy but also the business processes and IT systems needed to implement such strategies. We specialise in the analysis and optimisation of the complex interplay between corporate strategy, business processes, IT systems and controls as well as internal and external reporting. Internal auditing, effective risk management and functioning internal control systems are the pillars necessary for an effective business organisation. We have therefore aligned our consulting services accordingly: 

  • Optimisation of early warning systems, control systems, function tests and system tests for individual corporate divisions
  • Taking over the entire accounting and financial reporting

Contact persons at KONLUS for internal control systems and risk management:

Fields of activity:

  • Implementation and optimisation of early warning systems:

Limited companies are required to implement an effective risk management system. Even managing directors of limited companies indirectly have a duty to implement a risk management system because, in the event of a breach in the duty of care imposed on them, they are liable for damages. We assist you in setting up and developing an effective risk management system. To this end, we analyse and evaluate the process steps relating to the risk management system. We also identify, evaluate, communicate and monitor risks as well as implement targeted risk controlling. In the course of our work, we draw on the extensive professional expertise of our most experienced staff.

  • Implementing and optimising internal control systems:

In order to implement the corporate strategies defined by corporate management and to verify their effectiveness, it is necessary to implement appropriate controls within the company. Our consultancy services ensure that every control system implemented is effective. We have extensive project experience in the area of internal control systems. Moreover, we are happy to make the results of our consultancy services available to the auditor of your annual accounts.
Our consultancy services include:

1. Evaluating the control set-up

2. Planning and conducting control tests

3. Evaluating the effectiveness of controls

  • Taking over the entire accounting and financial reporting

Effective and reliable finance and accounting is a key prerequisite for the success of a company. In addition to the statutory requirements, it also serves to inform corporate management of recent developments and is the basis for business policy decisions. Our clients benefit greatly from our expertise and our comprehensive consultancy approach:

1. Up-to-date data and direct access to accounting and financial reporting: In line with operational requirements, the frequency of reporting is determined together with the client in order to ensure that data remains up to date and risks are therefore minimised. In addition, we provide our clients with direct electronic access to all of their accounting and financial reporting data.

2. Individuality and cost efficiency: Technically complex issues are dealt with quickly and easily. Ongoing communication with the client is equally as important as aligning our activities with the client's specific requirements.

3. Client-specific reporting: Reporting is geared towards the needs of our clients. We aim to provide clear and transparent information based on the client's specific requirements.

4. Personal contact: To prevent a breakdown in communication, each client is assigned a personal contact who can deal with issues in a targeted and efficient manner.

5. Controlling and internal reporting: In addition to accounting and financial reporting activities, we make client-specific analyses available and advise on setting up an appropriate controlling system for the client.

6. Taking over other activities: In addition to accounting and financial reporting activities, we take over other financial accounting-related, administrative activities such as payment transactions and dunning processes.
In addition to the requirements for ensuring proper accounting and financial reporting, our activities include additional client-specific services that create an improved information base. We assist our clients by taking over the entire accounting and financial reporting or certain aspects of it. Our services consist mainly of the following activities: 

  • Design and consultancy in the context of finance and accounting 
  • Account structuring (under commercial law and tax law) 
  • Financing and dividend policy
  • Support for asset accounting
  • Financial accounting (including payments) 
  • Accounts receivable, accounts payable and internal cost accounting 
  • Budgeting, liquidity and financial planning 
  • Reporting and controlling for internal and external requirements

We work with the client to provide a customised range of services that meets the specific needs of each of our clients.

We provide the majority of our auditing and tax consultancy services to clients in Bergisch Gladbach, Cologne, Leverkusen, Gummersbach, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Remscheid, Solingen, Wuppertal and neighbouring regions. However, we also operate throughout Germany. Our branch office is located in Berlin.


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